Gearing up for a Photo Shoot and Practice

Just played an awesome show with Doug Parks and the Lonewolves last night at a Private Party.  It was a long day of playing with lots of fun, great people and an expensive fireworks display. 

BUT the best is yet to come.  Today, there is practice and a Bourne of Ash photo shoot at an undisclosed location (If you are familiar with the Band, you have probably figured out that it's somewhere in Fredericksburg, VA).  Natalie Jewell is the band's promotional photographer.  You can check out her blog about one of our first shoots together.  (  

Bourne of Ash has been kind of light in the show department, but, the calendar is filling up for July and August.  Check out the Show page to see where you can catch us in action!  Also definately email us if you have any venue suggestions, or would like to book the band. 

Help us get the word out about the band!

Coming soon - Merchandise and CDs!!!!!

If you are looking for a photographer - DEFINATELY check Natalie's work out.  Her website is -

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